Sourav Ganguly documents nomination for BCCI president article; states great to be viewed as someone who can take things forward in difficult times.

Sourav Ganguly documents nomination for BCCI president article; states great to be viewed as someone who can take things forward in difficult times.

Sourav Ganguly on Monday filed his nomination for the post of BCCI president and this has officially cleared the floor for him to be the new chief of this world’s most powerful cricket board. Speaking after filing his nomination, the former India skipper said that his principal focus will be to shake first class cricket and enhance the fiscal conditions of the players.

‘I have been very outspoken on domestic cricket specially remuneration.

Reflecting on the state of affairs in the plank, the former skipper stated that he now plans to shift his attention to bringing back the house in order. Ganguly, who represented India at 113 Tests and 311 ODIs and has over 18,000 conducts and 38 centuries to his charge in international cricket, stated that it is a significant time for the administration of the game in the nation.

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‘It’s always great to be somebody who is considered to take things forward in tough situations and hopefully I can deliver.

Happy and satisfied. It’s a really important time in Indian cricket government due to all that happened in past 3 decades. It is gratifying to be in a position to make a difference along with the team. It is a very important period in cricket government with what’s happened in the last three decades.

‘You’ve made India and Bangla proud,’ Mamata Banerjee heaps praise on Sourav Ganguly

‘This really is a really satisfying moment for me personally. In the last few decades, there was a kind of scenario from the board which you’ll be able to call as crisis. There’s a good deal of work to do especially at college level. The board needs become the very best in the entire world that’s how it’s been over recent years. Hopefully it will be a normal situation in the next several years,’ the former India captain stated.

Ganguly represented on Team India’s amazing performance on the field and said that the new office bearers might have to make a conducive environment for the players to go out and play at their best.

‘As a staff we have a good deal of things to care for really. We must find the house in order, administration so and most of all cricket on the field. The cricket was brilliant on the area since we crashed out of the World Cup 2019 and hopefully that will continue. This is our task to create an environment that the boys may go out and excel ,’ he explained.

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He shed light on the circumstances in which he had been educated regarding the decision taken by the board members.

‘I had never expressed my ambitions for this place. You can find senior members at the group. I’ve not spoken to anybody or expressed that I was keen. 90 percent of the representative at the board is fresh. Until 1030 at the night that I wasn’t mindful of this. I had been told that I had been needed to take the plank ahead with Jay along with Arun and that I believed it was a terrific responsibility.

No politician was connected with me and that’s exactly what it is. The members decide who will be part of the prestigious institution. In terms of Mamata didi, I thank her. She is Mamata didi and I’m really pleased to get her message that is humorous,’ Ganguly added.

‘I think experience has been looked at and I’ve spent six years in cricket administration at Cricket Association of Bengal. Jay was even more mature to me. Experience was among the key variables concerning who can take the fee at administrative level at this crucial juncture since I said, the house Has to Be put in order,’

Ganguly also made it crystal clear he will assume the issue of raising India’s share of revenues with the International Cricket Council.

‘That’s one place which we will research. We haven’t received any cash from ICC in the last few decades. Money in the sense what we deserve. India generates 70-80 percent of the revenue. So that’s likely to be one of those agendas. Talks and discussions need to occur and we must find a solution to this as this is not leading anywhere,’ Ganguly said.

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