Social Networking Groups with over 50,000 Members Speak Child Pornography in Kerala, Interpol Helps Probe

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Thiruvananthapuram: A day following Kerala police arrested 12 individuals for uploading and downloading videos and photographs related to child pornography, state additional police chief on Monday stated there are about seven to eight societal media groups on their radar.

‘Last year, three raids were conducted by the Kerala authorities in this regard and 38 accused were arrested.

The most recent raids conducted October 12, approximately 12 individuals, including a minor, were arrested for seeing and encouraging child porn online,’ he explained.

“The dilemma is rampant. Even today we have major groups with approximately 50,000 members operating and sharing child porn. We are finding some deterrence after the raids. From till today about 25,000 have exited the group”

Nevertheless, there are those who are continuing this, it’s a psychological issue too. Pedophiles basically do not contain in any crime in order that they don’t come into the police radar whatsoever. They are online and have no criminal history in any way,” said Manoj Abraham.

The officer further stated that some societal media classes are very big with worldwide penetration while there are a few specifically from Kerala. Taking into consideration the gravity of the situation, Kerala authorities made this to a 24/7 observation, he added.

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‘The following step is the identification of these victims. Interpol has consented to train Kerala police about the best way best to do identify sufferers without inducing many psychological problems to them,”’ he said.

Manoj Abraham said,”We have to save the victims. Many are not even conscious of this, some may be still exploited and the instances would not have come into light. The videos and photos shared range from kids aged six decades and over.”

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